I signed up.

So, I finally signed up for “ObamaCare.”  I was able to get a Bronze plan for $180/mo with approx. $6k deductible. No tax credit for me though.  My plan is set to start Dec, 31, 2013.  The website was a little laborious at times, but not much unlike applying for a job.

I did find it annoying that I had to keep logging back in to continue the process.  The first time, it will verify your email, then it sends you a letter with your plan eligibility and whether you can get tax credits, or Medicaid, etc.  Being that I’m in Alabama, the Medicaid was a long shot, but that was already impossible due to income restraints.  Medicaid is like the best insurance ever, but I digress.  According to sources, the Medicaid expansion in Alabama would enable some 300K citizens to become insured, with “the best insurance ever”  to quote myself.  I once worked in the state Medicaid realm, so I can definitely back up this claim.  Stay tuned, there is still one more month for the expansion to occur, before Jan 1st, when that provision of the Affordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare) kicks in;  Not sure how many “working days” are left for the Ala. legislature to consider it though.

Back to my adventure.  So I waited a week before I decided on a plan.  It wasn’t that difficult because of the “monopoly” Blue Cross Blue Shield has here in the State, I just went with them, especially to ensure I get my choice of providers (doctors). It was a pretty fast choice deciding, since the choices were limited.  It was either hamburgers or hot dogs…(The available selections of plans averaged seven in Alabama, compared the the national average of over 50. )

***The site just warned me that I would be logged out due to inactivity, or to refresh my session***.  This always happens on my online banking site.  I have been following the media concerns about security of personal info.  At this point, it’s more “wait and see.”

Please, Share your thoughts with me.

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